Loudribs Lack Of Gumption Corner #2


Morning Lemmings and welcome to another Lack of Gumption Corner! That’s right, I took an executive decision last night not to do this week’s QT for the following reasons:

A: It’s my birthday tomorrow and it would be quite nice to have a weekend that wasn’t characterised by mashing F5 on the Site Stats page and the pegging of self-worth against the traffic graph that ensues.

B: It was in Wales last night. I have nothing against the Welsh, but let’s be honest, I barely knew a single member of the panel and lovely though Palid are, they’re not exactly calling the shots in my life.

C: Kelvin MacKenzie

D: I fell asleep at 10.30

So there you go. You’re just going to have to soldier on without me this week, you poor souls. Should you be at a completely loose end though, I was recently reminded of the Golden Age of Photoshop Phriday and in particular the classic Terminators in Hats and Double Booked Venues themes. However, I realise that for some of you, clicking a blue highlighted link represents an impossible task and for all those people, here’s a photo of Beefy.

I say!

Beef for all.


Next week, Lemmings…


2 Responses to “Loudribs Lack Of Gumption Corner #2”

  1. 1 Ian November 22, 2010 at 00:46

    Fine. But pull this shit again and you’re off the Christmas card list.

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