Loudribs Lack Of Gumption Corner #3

Morning Lemmings and apologies for the Lack of Gumption but I have unilaterally declared it to be half-term. Basically, I’m knackered and although I watched the show last night, I can’t quite muster the energy to keep my brain switched on for a further three hours. Should you be looking for someone to blame for this sorry state of affairs, may I suggest that you start at the door of Eric Pickles and take it from there. A word of warning though: Take a thermos and a folding chair as I’m sure there will be a queue of disgruntled and possibly pitchfork wielding local government/voluntary sector workers whose lives he’s just monumentally buggered up.


Bitterness aside, you can take solace in the fact that you won’t be walking away from this post completely empty handed as I did manage to prepare a brand new Farage gif in expectation of damn good Faraging. Behold, more animated Farage!


Next week Lemmings, next week…


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