Loudribs Lack Of Gumption Corner #4

Morning Lemmings and it is with regret that I bring you another Lack of Gumption Corner. To cut a long story short, I fell asleep about five minutes in to last night’s Question Time and was only awoken when the This Week theme came on at its usual ten trillion decibels. Upon reflection, I think the moment that consciousness slipped from my grasp was when Danny Alexander started speaking. For all I know, he might have gone on to deliver some soaring oratory on a par with MLK’s ‘I have a dream’ speech but from early indications it sounded like the opening shots in a particularly stultifying mandatory fire safety training session.

So apologies for the lack of QT dorkery this week, but by way of compensation, here’s a link to something rather ace: A friend of mine makes movie posters for a living and this is his blog. It’s fully awesome. Get amongst it.

Next week Lemming, next week…


4 Responses to “Loudribs Lack Of Gumption Corner #4”

  1. 1 Luke Farookhi March 27, 2011 at 12:56

    You definitely need to watch this one on IPlayer before it expires, despite the presence of ‘Beeker’. Danny Alexander and Ken Livingstone trotted out their usual party lines (‘Labour should say sorry’, ‘Tory-led government’, ‘Thatcher’s cuts’ etc.). Alexander did much better than expected (not a great achievement considering his last appearance), though he wheeled out the dreaded ‘credit-card analogy’ when referring to the economy. Livingstone obviously hadn’t counted on the presence of neocon historian Niall Ferguson, who skewered him at every available opportunity and went on an enjoyable rant about Gordon Brown’s stewardship of the public finances. Lots of shots of Ken looking in disbelief at the audience, as if in amazement that they didn’t worship him. I expected Bianca Jagger to be more prominent, but her contributions were relatively small, though well-timed and generally applause-worthy from the audience. Rory Stewart (probably the MP with the most interesting personal history, the Conservative Party’s answer to James Bond) was the star of the show, mainly for his statements on all matters Libya.

    Overall, Stewart was the winner, Livingstone the loser and Niall the bombastic star.

    • 2 loudribs March 28, 2011 at 18:58

      Aw man… sounds like I missed a good ‘un, although I have to admit that I was kind of glad to miss Fergerson as I’m begining to find it harder and harder to distinguish between the members of the Intense Angry Scottish Neo-Lib Brigade as personified by himself (The Sexy Face of Revisionism), Douglas Murray and Fraser Nelson (who admittedly isn’t quite as crazy but is Scottish, intense and looks scarily like the offspring of the other two). Never mind. I promise that this week I’ll drink a party slab of Red Bull prior to QT and maybe wire myself to the mains. The only flaw in this plan is the possibility of Max Hastings being on the panel. Should that come to pass not even a kilo of whizz is going to keep me awake.

      Like the cartoons btw…

  2. 3 Tommy S July 1, 2022 at 17:03

    Loved reading this thank youu

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