Loudribs Transitionary Corner #1


Morning Lemmings and boo-hoo, no Post Question Time Match Report for you today. Unfortunately for you guys, I’m in the process of moving which means that my life is even more chaotic than usual and that I’m pretty much without internet right now (I’ve had to hike back to my old address to post this and I really didn’t fancy repeat trips to score shonky jpegs with which to ridicule the panel). However it’s not all bad news. Hopefully by this time next week, not only will I will be watching QT in my new house, I’ll be watching QT in HD thanks to my new Freesat box. I hope Farage is on. I’d love to see the otherwise invisible droplets of crazy seep out of his pores in full, resplendent 1080p. Ixnay on the John Sergeant though… I don’t think my eyes are ready for that.


(Hopefully) next week Lemmings, next week…


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