Loudribs Industrial Action Corner #1


Morning Lemmings and down with the lot of you, I’m on strike! Actually, I guess it’s a little unfair to blame you guys as the only person who controls the working conditions around here is me and that means I’m effectively striking against myself. Here’s why:

  1. The pay. There is none.
  2. The pension plan. There is none.
  3. The working conditions. The right-shift on this netbook keyboard drives me mad and I’m constantly doing this: ‘//////////////////////////////////////////////////’
  4. The uniform. Surely I can spring for some new trackie-bottoms?

So that’s where we’re at and it looks like it’s turning into a bloody stalemate as I’ve a brazier going in the living room, I’ve picketed the kitchen and hoisted a ‘Loudribs of the world unite’ banner across the fireplace. I’ve also taken to shouting ‘scab!’ at myself, much to the confusion and worry of my better half.

Ok ok, I’ll come clean. I’m not on strike/going quietly mental but there won’t be a report this week as my evening got slightly derailed last night and I only caught the last 5 minutes of the show. I guess I could watch it on iplayer but I’ve inadvertently got a bit embroiled in this whole Murray vs Nadal affair and wouldn’t mind a proper weekend as well. So apologies Lemmings, I know it’s a bit flakey as there’s only one episode in the series left but these things happen and there’s nothing to be done of it. Normal service will resume next week, pending a satisfactory conclusion of negotiations vis-a-vis the trackie-bottom situation.


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