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Spreadable Headcheese 2.0: This Time it’s Questionable…


dimbleby ziggy stardustGood morning Lemmings and what the Dickens? Posting on a bank holiday? This can only mean one thing: I’ve finally come good on my rash threat to revamp the site. Actually, I say ‘revamp’ but it’s more of a ‘tinkering’, largely consisting of a new domain name (which is and a swanky new header image. Now, before those of you of a less technical bent go into a complete meltdown and start howling about how you can’t possibly change a bookmark without calling in numerous favours from a younger relative don’t panic, you can still get here by using the old address ( and everything that was on the old site is still exactly where I left it. Also, don’t worry if you type in the old address and it magically turns in to something different. This will not result in you in receiving a bulk shipment of Viagra or unexplained credit card transaction to a Nigerian prince’s Western Union account. It’s just the way this whole internet thing works. Fears allayed? Good, as I have more news with which to rock your tiny worlds’.


A few months back I pitched this blog to the newly launched Huffington Post UK and in their infinite wisdom/ultimate folly, they have decided to run it. At the time, I wasn’t entirely sure as to whether to believe this news and decided to sit on it until I had seen watertight evidence of their masterstroke/self-inflicted injury, but by the looks of it they are good to their word/delirious rantings and it’s a done deal. So, should you be the type who gets a little giddy on the faintest whiff of credibility, you can now get your weekly Dimbers fix from the HuffPo, albeit shorn of the shonky photoshops. Those are staying exclusively to this site, partly as a ‘thank you’ to those who continue to come here and partly for, erh, ‘other reasons’.


So, there we go… I’m all newsed out and the only thing left to say is how grateful I am to everyone who’s stuck with this blog. This HuffPo thing is quite a big deal to me but it wouldn’t have been possible without all of those who’ve contributed to this site, be it through leaving comments, forwarding it on or just generally saying nice things. You guys rock and you have my thanks. Also, a special thank you to Jalf Fresi for all the technical help with the ‘revamp’ and for making sure I didn’t spill any Googlejuice. Muchos danke, Jalf.


Right, that’s it… I’m all out of further joyous tidings. Enjoy your Holiday of Bank and I’ll see you back here for the 8th of September. I hear Liam Fox is on and I’ve just found a photo of him with a minigun.


A week and a bit Lemmings, a week and a bit…

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