Shameless Plug Time #1


Good morning and ha! I’ve totally blagged you! There’s no Questionable Time or vaguely topical photoshops to be had here– no, all you’re going to get is the joyous prospect of a hard sell. Lucky, lucky you.


Anyway, this all started a week back when I made a minorly chuckleworthy comment on a reddit thread and then thought “Hmmm…. There’s a wonky pshop in that”. Half an hour later (a half hour in which I was simultaneously frying sausages, hence the rather slap-dash text alignment) the above was born and off it went to Twitter where it received some minor lulz before quietly petering out… Or so I thought. As it turns out, Radio Aire had picked it up and a few days later, a friend of mine tells me to check their Facebook page. Lo-and-behold, it had gone totally bonkers.


Being one who never looks a weird gift horse in the mouth I then boiled down the pshop into a T-shirt design, made contact with the magnificent people at Leeds’ Culture Vulture and a satanic bargain was struck. Behold Lemmings, the unholy product of our diabolical union (see Fig. 1).


Welcome to Leeds T-Shirt

Fig. 1


So yes, it’s now a t-shirt and should you be a fervent Yorkshire Nationalist who wears their politics on their chest, feel more than free to purchase one here. Alternatively, if you are an Anti-Yorkshire zealot with an axe to grind, I hear that they will smolder satisfyingly if thrown on a pyre of Alan Bennett and Emily Brontë books. Either way, you’d make me a very happy boy.


Right, that’s the wallet-lifting over with. Go back to being-bummed-out/feeling-weirdly-conflicted/whooping-maniacally about the passing of the late-PM…


Thursday Lemmings, Thursday…

UPDATE: Culture Vulture’s t-shirt printer is currently on the blink so if you would like a t-shirt, you can get one here.


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