From as far back as 2010 Questionable Time has made its business to provide a weekly account of the nation’s flagship gladitorial shamefest political debate show – BBC Question Time. Originally the brainchild of Jack, the first four years established it as the internet’s leading purveyor of faintly worrying David Dimbleby photoshops as well as seeing it syndicated to both The Huffington Post and Independent Voices. However, the cumulative strain of constantly rearranging Dimbleby’s face eventually got to Jack and in 2014 he blagged persuaded regular contributor Elizabeth to take the helm. Since then, the site has continued to relentlessly document the fortunes of the poor souls sacrificed at the Altar of Dimbers and has always sought to do so with one rule in mind: It’s not about the politics, it’s about the spectacle.

Should you feel the need to damn/praise/sue us, feel free to drop us a line at (Jack), or (Elizabeth) and if you happen to know any other #bbcqt dorks, please send ’em our way.

About the Questionable Timers:

Elizabeth: The current webmaster (webmistress?) of Questionable Time, Elizabeth enjoys long walks on the beach, laughing gently at the oddly calming visage of former Prime Minister John Major, and rewatching old election broadcasts for fifteen hours straight. Additionally, when she’s not studying for her MA in Media and Cultural Studies (don’t laugh) she’s making text adventure games about Ed Miliband and generally being a nerd.

Jack: Since leaving Questionable Time, Jack has fannied about with illustrating misheard lyrics, photoshop shenanigans and has recently started an idiots guide to UK politics called Noobminster. He also designs t-shirts for the nice people over at Red Molotov and is most likely available if you need a General Purpose Internet Goon.


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