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Loudribs’ Hurried Lunch Hour Corrections Corner #1

Morning Lemmings and let me, with great haste, do some record straightening. In my last Lack of Gumption Corner I mentioned a bunch of shows we’re playing this week but it seems I got the Sheffield and the Manchester dates somewhat confused. As it stands now, we’ll be playing the following:

14/4/11: The Kings Manor, Newcastle.

15/4/11: Santiago’s, Leeds.

16/4/11: The Riverside Cafe, Sheffield.

18/4/11:  Saki Bar, Manchester.


You have ctzn_smith to thank for setting the record straight and me to thank for bollocksing it up in the first place. Now here’s some ace gig posters…

Achtung Everybody, Unfun, LeedsAchtung Everybody, Unfun, SheffieldNext week Lemmings, next week (or maybe before if you fancy rocking your socks off)…

Mid-week posting? Madness, I tell you…

In a further bid to destabilise your already fraught lives here’s a rare mid-week, non-Question Time related post to steam your collective beans. Anyhoo, the long and short of it is that Toby over at A Load of Stuff That Happened has very kindly posted up a live recording of a set we played at Santo’s a couple of weeks back enabling you, The Great Unwashed, to vicariously experience the thrills of being in a punk rock band… that’s been going for over 6 years and still only has 12 songs to rub together… and has been described as “Leeds’ most random looking band”… as well as once playing to a crowd consisting of three people… I could go on.


Enjoy, Lemmings.

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